When considering the total cost of your recording project, be sure to include the cost of the performers, , the cost of tuning the piano, the cost of the actual recording time, the cost of post-recording editing and mastering, the cost of label and case design, the cost of CD production, the cost of distribution and the cost of gaining permission to record the repertoire. To keep costs down, make sure you are well prepared before you begin recording. 

Made In The Shade's fees are flexible and depend on the type and complexity of your project. For example, a voice and piano demo recording that requires only two microphones and a handheld digital recorder with virtually no post-recording editing will cost much less a recording session involving many people and requiring extra time in both recording and post-recording editing. Your final cost will be determined by what you want and need.  While we cannot give you a firm total price in advance, you will know your cost range before we start the process.

We charge $70.00 per hour for recording and post-recording processing. What you witness in the recording session is usually but a small component of the time required in the process of making a finished CD. Most of the time and expertise goes into post-recording editing and mastering. That is where your raw recording is transformed into a listenable -- and saleable -- product. A couple of very, VERY rough rules of thumb may be to assume the mixing, editing and mastering process will take twice to three times the time it took to record. If you spend 2 hours "laying tracks," assume there will be an additional 4 - 6 hours of charged processing time. Another way to estimate is that for every 2 minutes of finished music time, estimate an hour of post-recording processing. This is not a promise; it could take more or less time. Just be aware that what you experience in the recording session is not all there is to it. We will not "nickel and dime" you and  appreciate you not trying to "negotiate" away our pricing. We are both interested in the same end, producing the best finished product possible.

All recording, mixing, editing, production time is charged at $70.00 per hour.

2018 Rates

Recording and Studio Rental (2 hr. minimum): $70.00/hr. with George Obertubbesing or Luke Denton. Other Engineers may require additional fees.
Block Rate: $60.00/hr when booking 8 or more hours

Deposit Policy: 50% of cost of scheduled time (plus tuning fee) in advance, refundable only with at least 5 days advance notice. Transferable to another session.

Payment: Balance due at end of each session in cash, credit card or check.

Use of studio instruments: Piano, guitars, drums, amps, and MIDI equipment available at no extra cost.

Piano tuning policy: Piano is available at all times. If tuning is required  the cost is billed to the client. Cost for tuning is $125.00. If the piano is in tune enough for your session's needs (your call) at the time of the session, it is available for use at no additional cost.

CD printing and replication: We now have a Produplicator Lightscribe CD DVD Duplicator available for those of you that want limited run copies of your CDs with laser quality grey scale labeling. Great for small/mid quantities to sell at your gigs. $2.25 per CD.

Session Support

If you are in need of experienced musicians to help support your project, we have a network of reliable, talented, and helpful musicians available to support your project. Rates vary depending upon the specific individual and your needs. Drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboards, piano, even singers... Just inquire and we will match you with the right talent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hidden costs?
There are no hidden costs besides, CD-R, or DVD-R. There are no instruments or gear that you will be charged extra to use at Made In The Shade

Can we break up a day rate over two days?
No, that's why it is called a day rate. (We get asked this a lot!)

Can we get a tour of the studio?
Of course. Scheduling via Email is easiest, or call and leave a message (703-498-7131). Sometimes we can do the tour that day, sometimes a week or so away. It depends on the sessions that are scheduled.

Do you work weekends?
Yes. These are coordinated at least 3 weeks in advance.

Can we come in early or the night before to set up?
Sessions begin at the scheduled time. Much of the engineering work begins as you start setting up (setting up mics and, "Where do the drums go? Where should I put my amp?") so we have to charge for this time.

Can we all play live in the studio?
We like to do basic tracks live with bands. We can isolate the drums, guitars and bass or run them live in the same room. Doing live tracks with acoustic guitars is possible, but remember that if you are singing a foot away from your guitar that the mic on the guitar will pick up your voice as well and that recording acoustic guitar in the same room as a loud drum set is difficult!

How long will it take to record my album?
This varies signifantly. A well-rehearsed band can lay down most of the basic tracks for an album in two days. Overdubs can take anywhere from one to seven days depending on the amount of work and pickiness. For mixing, budget three hours per song or so at least. A guitarist-singer who has their tunes down can track hours of live stuff in one day, mix it all the same day and have a decent live demo. It really depends what you are looking for. Many of our better songwriter/band projects have taken ten to fourteen days. Some projects go faster. Always add time to your estimates! 

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